Hard to believe – but true!

Dancers from all over Europe will  meet for the 17th time in continuity at this rather untypical Festival of Tango Argentino. Untypical because it combines events of different types. Besides the well-known Ballroom-night (Tango Salon) and a classical grand Ballnight with Livemusic and show there will be different outdoor Milongas in the afternoons,- if the weather permits. 

Unfortunately we are not able to offer our legendary Sundaymorning-delicatessen-brunch this year because parts of the building are „in restauro“. :( 

By the way: Oldenburg is the location of the first Tango Marathon ever held in Germany fifteen years ago! Who would have thought this?! We will continue with this tradition and offer 22 hours of nearly continuous dancing  (with very short interruptions) from Saturday 4 p.m. to Sunday 10.00 p.m.! 

For improving your Tango-skills there will be not less than 19 workshops by our experienced and reknowned teachers.

So let yourself be seduced again by the wonderful relaxed atmosphere of this summer Festival with all it´s small and big highlights.






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